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Since 1976, Jeter & Welch Dentistry has provided honest, professional general and cosmetic dentistry services in North Charleston, SC. From our beginning, our dentists have focused on providing patients with the care and services they deserve, while building long-term, beneficial relationships. It is our goal to improve your immediate and long-term dental health, as well as provide you with the information and resources you need to understand your oral health care options.

We offer a comprehensive range of services including:

Our practice focuses on preventive care, meaning it is our goal to detect and prevent issues before they evolve into serious problems. One of the most important preventive services we provide is routine cleanings and exams. This service is important for reducing your dental problems later in life. It is recommended you visit your dentist every six months for an exam and cleaning. This helps prevent gum disease and cavities.

During your appointment, we will work to educate you and your loved ones on how to properly care for your teeth. This helps you maintain a healthy mouth and gums between appointments.

Whether you are preparing for a special occasion or are just looking to brighten your smile, we have the teeth whitening services you need. Our professional whitening services can help reduce the effects of coffee, tea, smoking, and other causes of tooth discoloration. Soon after starting treatment, you will begin to see a brighter, whiter smile emerge. To see if you are a candidate for teeth whitening, please schedule a consultation with our office today!

When a tooth is severely damaged or has suffered from advanced decay (and cannot be fixed with bonded filling material) a dental crown may be necessary. The crown covers the remaining tooth and restores its function, esthetics, and strength. There are several crown options available. The material used for the restoration depends on which area of your mouth is being restored. Our team will discuss which crown best fits your needs.

A dental bridge is utilized when tooth loss occurs due to decay, gum disease, or injury. If left uncorrected, a missing tooth can create greater problems for your dental health. The teeth next to a missing tooth (or teeth) can begin to move and result in discomfort and pain, and can look unsightly. A dental bridge will close any gaps in your mouth. It looks and acts just like natural teeth and helps to maintain the position of the rest of your teeth, as it is permanently cemented into your mouth.

A composite or tooth-colored filling is a more conservative option compared to silver/amalgam fillings. Fillings are used to restore tooth function after cavities and decay have been removed. A composite filling is composed of strong and durable materials which can withstand the forces of chewing. To ensure it is virtually undetectable, the composite material is carefully matched to your natural tooth color. In addition, it improves tooth stability, helps save natural tooth structure, and protects against broken teeth.

This is a great restoration option for both children and adults.

If you have lost a tooth from injury or extraction, a dental implant can provide you with a permanent restoration option. It consists of titanium posts which are surgically inserted into the bone beneath the gums. These posts provide a stable foundation for replacement crowns, bridges, or dentures by fusing to the jawbone.

If you are a candidate for dental implants, we will recommend you to a qualified oral surgeon to perform the procedure. Our doctors can complete the final crown restoration once the area is properly healed.

Dentures provide a great restorative option for patients missing all or most of their natural teeth. For individuals who retain some of their teeth, partials may be recommended. A full set of dentures has many benefits and may even give you a better smile than you had before. Our doctors and team will work with you to determine which restoration option meets your needs and long-term oral health needs.

Our dentists perform a range of oral surgeries for cosmetic and restoration purposes. This includes dental extractions, wisdom teeth removal, root canal therapy, and more. It is our goal to help you feel at ease and comfortable during all treatments.

Orthodontics focuses on improving esthetics and your oral health by straightening and realigning your teeth. During an orthodontic evaluation, we will examine the development of the teeth, gums, bones, and muscles on the mouth. From there, we can plan ahead on your dental needs, and how orthodontics may benefit you. Orthodontic treatments can be used on both children and adults to help improve their smiles.

To help patients fight gum (periodontal) disease, we provide a range of services and treatments. Serious gum infections can lead to greater oral health problems. During your routine exams and cleanings, we will examine your gums and clean the pockets along the gum line to prevent gingivitis. If you have any signs of gum disease, we will discuss with you the available treatment options.

Call 911 or go directly to the nearest hospital emergency room if you have a life-threatening or severe dental injury. Our practice can treat a variety of traumatic dental injuries including chipped teeth, knocked-out teeth or teeth that have moved. Please contact our office at 843-797-3355 for care or after-hours instructions. It is our goal to treat every patient promptly and efficiently.

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For more information about our services or to schedule an appointment, please contact our office today at 843-797-3355

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